Established in 2007 working with a variety of suppliers and companies like BT and Santander

We deliver effective and sustainable solutions.

About us

AI Corporate was established in 2007 working with a variety of suppliers and companies like BT and Santander. We rebranded into a company in 2016 with the rapid growth in the AI technology. With our progressive business enhancement, we extended our range of services; making us the most flexible and reliable business partner in the market. We are proud of our compatible and highly trained team of engineers who are always ready for a quick engagement across the globe.

AI Corporate has developed a broad telecoms knowledge based on many years of working in collaboration with top companies in the field. Our team works closely with our partners to assist them in getting the most out of the technology they use and keep a close contact with them to ensure a successful completion of their objectives by delivering effective and sustainable solutions.

We integrate specialist projects that are in the pipeline with experienced consultants. Our expertise range from consultations to analyzing processes and IT systems. We help assist the maintenance of our partner’s current IT systems, relocations and migrations, along with completely managing projects, performing new installations, current configurations, relocations, and decommissioning. Also, we are vigilant when it comes to monitoring crucial infrastructure and networks to ensure they are both efficient and safe.

Our Mission

A trustworthy and a reliable partner to the world’s largest and the most reputable companies, AI Corporate delivers technical services for businesses that believe in establishing results. We take pride in delivering innovation and IT assistances with sheer dexterity and devotion!


Strategical Project Development

Got a plan? Just name it. Our strategical project development team not only devises the ideal plan for your projects but executes them on your behalf as well.

Consultancy and Comprehensive IT Support

To meet your end to end needs, not only do we offer consultancy, but comprehensive IT Support as well. We ensure you never lag behind your IT needs so nothing hinders your digital reach.

Storage & Configuration

From building, storing to offering and configuring solutions, we do it all for you.

Our Principals

Customized Solutions

We're familiar with tech talent and know how to identify, train, grow, and develop. Our grip on technical knowledge demands that we produce experts and not generalists.

Superhuman Individuals

Smart people aren't the only thing we're producing. We're your business partners providing people with superhuman qualities.

Excellent CX

Every interaction with customers can be a chance to increase brand loyalty. We believe in providing outstanding customer service!

Concentrated on You

We tailor our solutions to your requirements by connecting you with the technology talent that you need to achieve your goals.

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